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When Volunteers Drive for Your Church

When a person is driving a personal vehicle on church business, even as a volunteer, the church has some responsibility, said Frank Sommerville in an interview. Read more of this interview.

How to Hire an Attorney for Your Church. If your church is searching for an attorney, read Richard Hammar’s seven tips on finding one.

Basketball Safety. March Madness is here! If your church has an indoor or outdoor basketball facility, use this list to help protect the children and adults who use it:

  • For baskets located near a wall, secure padded mats on the wall under each basket to cushion collisions with the wall.
  • Check that baskets have breakaway rims.
  • If glass backboards are used, check that rim restrainers are also used.
  • Check that nets are in good repair and replace any chain nets with soft nets.
  • On outdoor courts, check that the pole support for the backboard is located outside the playing area, including distance for a safety buffer.
  • On outdoor courts, check that weatherproof padding has been put around the pole.
  • Inspect outdoor courts and the area surrounding the court for hazards.