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Prepare for El Nino rains this season

If El Nino rainfall predictions are correct, this fall and winter could be the answer to drought-relief prayers. As with everything in life, however, be careful what you wish for.  While there is a chance precipitation will be only moderate, there is also the possibility of powerful, drenching rainstorms that can quickly create trouble on many fronts.  It’s time to prepare!

Prepare your Church, Synagogue, and Parsonage:

  1. Fix leaks before it rains:  The recent dry heat may have caused wood structures to shrink and open up expansion joints, possibly creating leak points.  Call a roofer to check for trouble spots and repair old leaks and flashing connections.  Make sure your gutters and downspouts are free from debris and are tight against the roofline.
  2. Paint the interior wood trim of your building: Cracks in paint can carry water directly into the wood and promote dry rot and other destruction.
  3. Check balcony and deck slopes: Make sure water flows away from the walls and into the drainage system.
  4. Store emergency repair materials (sandbags, heavy plastic sheeting, etc) in a safe dry place.
  5. Secure any structure e.g., fences, equipment and or outdoor equipment.  Move any equipment into a sheltered area if necessary.   
  6. Secure important documents in the cloud or on a thumb drive.  

In an uncertain world it is impossible to eliminate the risk of a claim. No matter what your ministry focus is, there will always be a chance of loss.  At Ministry Advantage, we are experts at assisting in reducing risk so that your insurability is not in jeopardy. No matter what the exposure, we have a solution that will fit your needs:

  • Storm Damage Preparedness
  • Wind & Hail Preparation
  • Flood Preparedness

Contact us today before it’s too late and the damage has been done! Give us a call at 888-288-9953 or email us at [email protected]